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Someone tried to cram a swiss cake roll into the hard drive.

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Birthdate:Feb 20
Location:North Carolina, United States of America
Website:No Solicitors! Comics
I'm fat positive, sex positive and bank account negative. (Not overdrawn, just broke.)

I like BBC's Sherlock and Nickelodeon's Avatar: The Last Airbender. A lot. And Dick Wolf dramas, strange books of both fantasy and non-fantasy genres, literary fiction, collecting things, awful music, politics, comparative religions, mythological traditions from all over the globe, and listening to NPR news on my iPod. I also enjoy reading classical literature and other things on my Kindle 2.

I collect American Girl dolls. I have since I was eight. My first was Samantha, and I still think she is the best. I also have Felicity, Addy, Kirsten, Josefina and Molly. I have a discontinued My American Girl doll with medium skin, a wide nose and textured hair, named Cassidy, and two custom dolls based on the characters from the first title No Solicitors! Comics will launch [eventually].

My favorite video game types are farm simulator (Harvest Moon/牧場物語), RPG and strategy RPG. I own 3 PS2s, a DS Lite, a PSP, and a Wii, along with several previous generation handhelds. I used to play FFXI (RDM), then I played WoW (Rogue, Hunter). I am a 3DS ambassador, I got one the day it came out.

I want to write comic books, video games and possibly scripts for an animated series. I also entertain daydreams of voice acting, and being paid for editorials.

I currently am focused on paying my credit cards and launching an independent graphic novel series with my best friend, seigi_no_kaze, who is an artist.

Katara and Aang: Epic Love

&hearts just a little crush &hearts

do you ever miss the girl you left behind?

Interests (136):

aang, aaron rand freeman, addy walker, air nomads, american girl dolls, anti-zutara, avatar: legend of korra, avatar: the last airbender, barack obama, bbc sherlock, benedict cumberbatch, blacking it up, book-off, bookends, buck godot, budgeting, burninating, burning, buzz out loud, catch-22, chocolate, cinderella, cnet,, cooking, david eddings, dean koontz, dollars vs yen, earth kingdom, eikaiwa, elon james white, eminem, everclear, fables, fanfiction, feminism, final fantasy, fire, fire nation, foreign languages, game boy advance sp, gastro-esophageal reflux disease, girl genius, gothic lolita, guy ritchie sherlock holmes, harvest moon, homestar runner, human sexuality, i hate zutara, independent thought, isaiah mustafa, japan, john watson, jude law, junko mizuno, kataang, kink, l. joy williams, lesbian gamers, lost, love & berry ds, macaroni and cheese, machine of death, maiko, man on a horse, manga, mark gatiss, martin freeman, matchbox twenty, matches, meditation, modern parenting, mycroft holmes, nellie o'malley, neo ranga, nintendo ds, npr news, penny arcade, pizza, planet ladder, playstation2, playstation3, polar fleece, political science, politics, pro-choice, progressivism, pyres, pyrokinetics, pyromancy, pyromania, reading, red mage, resort to cannibalism, robert downey jr., rome, rozen maiden, samantha parkington, samurai troopers, sex, sexy commando, sexy good times, sherlock, sherlock holmes, shuu, sierra mist, sketchers, slashfiction, socialism, socks, sorcerer hunters, soul calibur, strawberries, studio foglio, sugarfree tropical punch kool-aid, tea, tech news today, the cheat, the dark tower, the island, the muppet show, the new internationalism, this week in blackness, this week in tech, time and magnets, time magazine, timex, travel, video game soundtracks, video games, water tribe, world of warcraft, writing, yami no matsuei, yossarian!!!(?)!, zippos
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